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Services Overview

1. Pre Appointment

  • Understand market area, goals and objectives of lender
  • Agree to terms and conditions
  • Agree on reporting requirements
  • Liability exposure, risk management, insurance review

2. Appointment

  • Take possession of asset
  • Conduct audit pursuant to court order
  • Secure records, leases, bank accounts
  • Assemble management team

3. Property Analysis

  • Physical inspection, interviews and report findings
  • Market analysis and demographics
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide opinion of value

4. Establish Action Plan

  • Develop property specific management plan
  • Title & environmental studies as needed
  • Coordinate MA I appraisal as needed
  • Financial reports, budget
  • Establish property deferred and preventive maintenance plans
  • Construction management as needed

5. Recommend property strategy

  • Loan sale vs property sale
  • Hold vs sell
  • Single asset vs portfolio disposition
  • Disposition alternatives
  • Loan restructuring options
  • Value added options
  • Establish marketing strategy

6. Disposition/repositioning

  • Establish pricing and term of sale
  • Implement value added ideas
  • Go to market
  • Review offers, contracts
  • Post sale administration